Bountiful Earth, Inc. was established in late 2002 . Chuck has had a long fascination with bamboo, but only recently had the time to pursue his hobby which has now turned into an enterprise. Basically, the business was started to support his bamboo buying habit turned obsession. After only 18 months, a collection of over 80 varieties had been acquired, which has grown to well over 100 different varieties. Besides bamboo, we now carry Native American style flutes (another Chuck passion/obsession),  Chuck is now creating some of our fine flutes crafted in bamboo and hardwoods. We also carry hand made bamboo didgeridoos and drums. There's always something new at BOUNTIFUL EARTH!


We feel we are doing a service to our community as well as the world environment by providing items to our customers that are "Earth friendly" as well as being "Human Friendly".

Bamboo plants are the other specialty items we carry. Our emphasis is in non-invasive clumping bamboo varieties, Although, we carry a few bamboo "runners" for customers with plenty of property. Bamboo is the Earth's fastest growing woody plant. If you want to establish a quick barrier or screen, this is the plant for you. If you like shade but have fear of the Florida high winds, bamboo actually protects buildings rather than damages them. Bamboo doesn't fall like a large tree is apt to. Bamboo is also very "Earth friendly" due to the favorable oxygen carbon dioxide exchange. Bamboo is the most widely used plant in the world due to its versatility in the building and crafts fields. Its beauty is only matched by its usefulness. At Bountiful Earth, we have bamboos that grow from a one foot ground cover to hundred foot giants. Check out our available list or our collection list for more information and pictures.


At this time, we are not shipping bamboo.